Diamonds and the Ten Thousand Things

Diamonds and the Ten Thousand Things by Colin Hester

Initially published by Counterpoint Press in hardback as Diamond Sutra and soon to be reissued in ebook format as Diamonds and the Ten Thousand Things.

This stunningly realized first novel is driven by swift, sharp dialogue and beautifully crystallized scenes. Forty-year-old Rudyard Gillette flees home, job, and girlfriend to search for his childhood sweetheart, a beautiful, enigmatic woman who has suddenly disappeared. Traveling alongside Rud, the reader is swept into a world of alcohol, ball-parks, suicide, and Zen, with humor and enlightenment never far away.

Praise for Diamonds
and the Ten Thousand Things

“A wonderful read … A true house of cards in which you fall, like Alice, through scene after scene. It’s a fall from grace through horror into a grace more simple. And after the house of cards tumbles we are left alone, awake and alive.” ―William Kittredge, author of The Willow Field

“Like a dream that leaves you trembling for hours, Diamond Sutra [Diamonds and the Ten Thousand Things] is by turns frightening, sexy, edgy, fantastic, and at its center deeply courageous and true. Colin Hester tells a story like a magician and writes like he’s lit from within.” ―Pam Houston, author of Deep Creek

“Heartfelt and evocative.” ―Newsday

“A knowing ride through the rough country of a young man’s broken heart.” ––Publishers Weekly

“Original, quirky, impressive . . . [an] audacious debut.” ―Kirkus Reviews